Ford revealed 2011 FPV GT-P with 5.0L engine system

Ford the US car manufacturers Ford Performance Vehicles or FPV has revealed a new 2011 FPV GT range in Australia with three models. The three models are FPV GT, GT-P and GT-E.
2011 FPV GTThe 2011 FPV GT is powered with a new 5.0L Miami supercharged V8 engine system which is based on US Ford Mustang with locally supplied parts and was developed in Australia by Prodrive. The power plant produces a total of 450 bhp and 570 Nm of torque and equipped to all three GT models in similar power design.

The 2011 FPV GT and GT-P cars are differentiated with side body hockey stick stripe symbol and Boss 335 badge. They also share same bonnet and rear wing graphics. The luxury GT-E edition is free of those marking to keep its look understated but still comes with discrete FPV badging inside the cabin.

The 2011 FPV GT and GT-P models come with 5-spoke, 19-inch alloy rims with Dark Argent accents and end with Sparkle Silver. The GT-E gets more elegant 10-spoke, 19-inch wheels in Alpine Silver.

The three car models get a bi-modal quad exhaust system. The body of the GT and GT-P car is coated with 11 colors, 3 stripe combinations and 3 interior trim colors. The body of GT-E is colored in 8 colors with 2 inner colors. The FPV GT, GT-P and GT-E models will be available for sale with dealers in Australia at the end of this month.

2011 FPV GT2011 FPV GT

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