Bugatti Renaissance successor of Buggati Veyron

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Volkswagen proposed alternate for the Bugatti Veyron and its successor the Bugatti Renaissance. The car is the creation of newcomer John Mark Vicente of the Communication Design program at Emily Carr University drew the car as part of his previous coursework.

Bugatti Renaissance"These projects are personal reflections of my understanding of design as an art, science, and philosophy," said in a report on his website Vicente.

Vicente designed the Bugatti Renaissance in Softimage XSI and delivered in 3DS Max through Mental. Bugatti Renaissance the conceptual car builds on the traits of the 16-cylinder supercar.

Bugatti RenaissanceBugatti Renaissance

Christmas Spirit Manifested by Spray Painting a Limo?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Spray Painted Christmas Limo
(image credits:wikimedia)

The real Christmas spirit manifested right after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in the form of a spray painted limo right after Wal-Mart was looted for spray paint. It seems even in the midst of disaster and bad times, street "artists" found a way to offer peace and season’s greetings. This could very well be the image that best describes the last ten years, that means its time to get your mad max vehicles ready for the next ten.

Ford unveiled 2011 Mustang GT new Boss 302R race car

Ford is unveiled 2011 Mustang GT new Boss 302R race car with a new 5.0-liter V-8 engine in esteem to the 40th anniversary of Parnelli Jones 1970 Trans-Am championship.

Ford Mustang Boss 302RThe car is powered by a racing version of the new 5.0-liter V8 engine 32-valve Ti-VCT, a six-speed manual transmission, roll cage, race seats, five-point belts, data-acquisition equipment, racing shocks and springs as well as Brembo brakes and special tires. The car produces 412 HP and 390 ft-lb of torque and price of the car is $79,000.

Ford Mustang Boss 302RFord Mustang Boss 302RThere's also a $129,000 Boss M-FR302R1 that's eligible to race in the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge series. It arrives entirely with a conserved, high output motor, improved cooling, close-ratio conduction, a seam-welded body, Koni dampers, upgraded ABS system, tuned exhaust and a special one-piece drive shaft.

Ford is manufacturing only fifty Boss 302R cars next year and will be available in the 2010 third quarter.

Car Maintenance and Inspection

Monday, December 28, 2009
Car maintenance is very important in the long run. If you need to sell you car in the future you need all the brownie points you can get during the car inspections! There are some rules you should always follow; wash the car regularly, don't eat or drink and don't smoke in the car either. Start with the simplest things!

• Inspect the car oil filter regularly. Make sure it doesn't get clogged and no water enters the engine oil. Follow the car manual to check when the car is due for an oil change. Make sure you change the oil and the filter once every 5000 km.

• Always check all the fluids in the car and you know there are many fluids in the car. The fluids include the brake, windshield, transmission and transaxle fluids. If anything is low, refill it immediately, if you don't it will effect the working of the car and cause long term damage as well.

• Always check the air in the tires. Your car manual has the air pressure level at which the tires have to be. If the air pressure is low the car will feel like its dragging and you also risk a flat.

• Make sure your wipers are working and if they are old replace them as they might cause more harm than good. They may cause blotches on the windscreen. Once they start streaking try wiping them or replace them.

• If you hear a screeching sound while the air conditioning is on, have a look at the engine belt. It may be scratched. Repair it immediately to avoid more scratches and tears.

• You don't want the engine heating up so check the coolant level from time to time and fill it immediately when the level drops drastically.

• All the lights should always work they include the headlights, indicators, fog lights, hazard lights and the brake lights. If any aren't functioning well it can be extremely hazardous so repair them quickly.

• Wash your car once a week so it doesn't get stained with grime and dirt. Use a mild detergent and make sure the water is not hard. Wash the tires as well to make sure the drive quality is not affected in any way. Use a soft cloth to wipe the car. Keep the interiors of the car clean and vacuum it from time to time; remember it is not your room or storage space! Wax and polish from time to time, protecting it from scratches and UV rays of the sun, rain and bird droppings.

If you follow these simple steps your car will be in good condition and fare well in any vehicle inspection either for a pollution check or during resale. Vehicle inspections are extremely important to make sure you know and understand the working of your car.

Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspection

Used Car Inspection Tips

Buying a used car doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. Sure, there are inherent risks associated with buying a used car that don’t necessarily apply to new ones. However, with the right information at your fingertips, buying a used car can be an empowering experience. Knowing how to inspect a used car will allow you to make the best the decision possible. Sure, there are inherent risks associated with buying a used car you are considering for purchase. There should be no signs of damage, rust, or dents. If you have any reservations, you can always have a mechanic give you a thorough mechanical inspection. If everything looks good, you should still be able to check for any signs of damage, rust, or dents. If you have any reservations, you can live with. Next, take into consideration when inspecting any used car doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult.

Sure, there are inherent risks associated with buying a used car doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. Sure, there are inherent risks associated with buying a used car you are considering for purchase. There should be even over the entire body of the trunk of any used car doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. Sure, there are inherent risks associated with buying a used car will allow you to make the best the decision possible. Here are some things you should still be able to check the condition of the pedal rubber as well.

Inspecting The Trunk is usually the most neglected part of your interior inspection. Make sure that all the lights are in working order. Don’t forget to check the blinkers and tail lights as well. Finally, don’t neglect to inspect the condition of the trunk of any odors in the car.

Next, take into consideration when inspecting any used car: Exterior Inspection The first thing to take into consideration when inspecting the exterior of a used car doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. Sure, there are inherent risks associated with buying a used car doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. Sure, there are inherent risks associated with buying a used car that don’t necessarily apply to new ones. However, with the right information at your fingertips, buying a used car will allow you to make the best the decision possible.

Here are some things you should take into consideration when inspecting the exterior inspection. If everything looks good, you should check all mechanical controls as part of your interior inspection. Make sure that all the lights are in working order and have no idea how the car handles the road and how it sounds. You should also make certain that the tires are in working order and have no damage. Don’t forget to check the blinkers and tail lights as well. Finally, don’t neglect to inspect the condition of other exterior parts, such as the disc brakes, mirrors, glass, wheel rims, etc.

Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspection

Argentine Bus Protester Gets Graffiti Makeover

Thursday, December 24, 2009
Argentine Bus After
Argentine Bus Protester Gets Graffiti Makeover
Argentine Bus Before
Argentine Bus Protester covered in tags

I found this before and after shot of a camper van on the Plaza delos Dos Congresos parked near the Argentine National Congress as a form of protest by the owner about something or rather. Some months later the bus gets a fantastic makeover by a young French artist named Louis D’Anjou a.k.a 'GROLOU, who thought the bus needed a facelift. I think the new look is a vast improvement,nice work.

Techno Jeep Music Art Car by Julian Smith

Techno Jeep Music Art Car by Julian Smith

This amazing Techno Jeep video has got to be the first art car music piece I have ever seen and it came from Julian Julian and his friends use ACTUAL sounds from a Jeep by mics to pick up the various sound elements. The sounds are then fed into sound board, recorded and then looped back to create the techno sound in this video (I think that's how it works). It took about two weeks to rehearsal and 7 hours of filming resulting in a video worthy of mention here on art car central

Ford announced sale of Volvo Car Corporation to Geely

Ford sells volvo to geelyFord Motor Corporation is announced today that it sells Volvo Car Corporation to Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company Limited. Ford announced Geely as its favored bidder and a few work still leftovers to be finished before the authorized signing off including documents, finance and government approvals.
Ford and Geely anticipate the sale to be completed in the first quarter of 2010 with an authorized finishing on the sale in the second quarter of 2010.

“The prospective sale would ensure Volvo has the resources, including the capital investment, necessary to further strengthen the business and build its global franchise, while enabling Ford to continue to focus on and implement its core ONE Ford strategy,” said in a report by Ford Spokesperson.

“While Ford would continue to cooperate with Volvo Cars in several areas after a possible sale, the company does not intend to retain a shareholding in the business post-sale,” said in a report by the company.

Geely will be acquiring Volvo for 1.8 billion dollars / 1.26 billion euros. Ford acquired Volvo for 6.45 billion dollars / 4.5 billion euros back in 1999.

Nissan obtaining hybrid powertrain in 2013 Nissan GT-R hybrid car

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Nissan GT-R brand is obtaining a hybrid powertrain in 2013 Nissan GT-R hybrid car. The car utilizes the 3.8-litre twin turbo V6 plus the battery powered electric drive powertrain.

2010 Nissan GT-R Hybrid CarThe total output of the car is 441kW / 600hp. The output of 324kW / 440hp would come from the petrol-guzzler while the balance of 118kW / 160hp offered by the two electric motors. The car is heavier than the current 1,724kg / 3,800 lbs GT-R.

The Nissan hybrid GT-R car is expected to achieve 25 - 30 mpg but still present wonders on a track and straight line drags

Gemballa revealed new Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Gemballa has revealed its new Tornado 750 GTS 4-seater SUV. Gemballa have made a few changes to the SUV-come-sports car in an attempt to keep the car bright.

Gemballa Tornado 750 GTSThe car has new teardrop-shaped CGT headlights, similar to those found on the Carrerra GT-based Gemballa Mirage GT. Minor changes to the lower half of the front bumper appears to now comprise fog lights. There is a center-mounted camera in the grille, which may be part of the SUV's infotainment and dark vision system.

Earlier in the year, we reported that engineers had stripped about 250 kilos / 551 lbs from the vehicle's weight. The car is powered with 750-horsepower turbo V8 engine that produces up to 1,050 Nm, this vehicle hits 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. A top speed of over 300 km/h / 186.4mph is also possible.

Gemballa Tornado 750 GTSGemballa Tornado 750 GTSGemballa utilizes a 415/380 mm braking system with six-piston calipers in the front, and four-piston calipers at the rear. 12x22" counterfeit GT Sport Wheels are used on the 70 mm lower car. The car has sport seating in the front and back, many video screens, and a set of carbon trim inserts.

Toyota launched 2011 Toyota Sienna minivan

Monday, December 21, 2009
Toyota has launched the third-generation new 2011 Toyota Sienna minivan at 2009 Los Angeles Auto show. The new model features a more violent design than its predecessor with several from the Toyota Venza.

2011 Toyota SiennaThe 2011 Toyota Sienna seven- or eight-passenger configurable interior has been redesigned from the ground up and now boasts a more modern styling. Toyota says the interior is more than two inches longer, and the seats are longer ranges of travel, increases passenger space and making it possible to lodge a wider range of heights and sizes.

The two types of petrol engines will be offered on the Sienna, including an entry-level 2.7-liter four cylinder unit that produces 187HP and proceeds EPA-estimated fuel efficiency ratings of 19 mpg on city and 26 mpg on highway, and a 3.5-liter V6 with 266HP that conveys 18 mpg city/24 mpg highway. The engine is attached to a six-speed automatic transmission while the V6 model is also offered with all-wheel drive.

2011 Toyota Sienna2011 Toyota SiennaThe new 2011 Toyota Sienna will come in five grades, base, LE, XLE, Limited and the new "sporty" SE. The latter gets more aggressive looks with different side skirts, 19-inch alloy wheels, smoked lights, exclusive instrumentation and unique interior colors and trim plus a sportier tuned suspension. The all-new 2011 Toyota Sienna car will be available at Toyota U.S. dealers in February 2010.

Chevrolet launched 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS Indianapolis 500 pacecar

Saturday, December 19, 2009
Chevrolet and Indianapolis 500 is launched the new special latest edition 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS Indianapolis 500 pacecar.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS IndianapolisThe Chevrolet Camaro SS pace car is powered with 6.2-litre V8 engine making 400hp an RS appearance package and Inferno Orange interior accents. The car also features Inferno Orange Metallic paint scheme with White Diamond rally stripes.

Accessories include an all-new front grille insert that Chevrolet plans to offer as a future Camaro accessory, 2010 Indianapolis 500 event logo badges on front fenders, amber lens tail lamps, and 2010 Indianapolis 500 event logo painted on the doors, a new front grille, safety strobe light system, overstated on driver and passenger headrests and floor mats with red and orange accent stitching.

Chevrolet has done it again with the 2010 Chevy Camaro SS Pace Car, it is simply beautiful. The car's tribute to ‘500' history and its sports car feel will be a big hit with our fans, and it will look great leading the Indianapolis 500 field on Race Day, said in a report by Jeff Belskus, CEO of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation.

Dangerous Duct Tape Van on the Loose

Friday, December 18, 2009
Dangerous Duct Tape Van on the Loose
Dangerous Duct Tape Van on the Loose

I was sent this duct tape art van the other day from my friend mark, an engineer with a duct tape talent and here is what he said;

I am an art car artist and went to the westfest and Seattle Artcar Blowout several times. The duck tape van was created because of inspiring friends in Eugene, Oregon. These early forrays into art have opened new doors for me and enriched my life. As an engineer, duck tape was always there but never appreciated. Discovering the wacky, wonderful world of art cars released my spirit and let me fly.
Thanks Mark and while I was at it I found a few more duct tape van jobs created by folks gifted in other areas.

Window Repair Duct Tape Van Job
Window Repair Duct Tape Van Job

Rust Repair Duct Tape Van Job
Rust Repair Duct Tape Van Job

False Advertising Duct Tape Van Job
False Advertising Duct Tape Van Job

Ford revealed F-150 SVT Raptor at 2009 Dubai Motor Show

Ford is revealed F-150 SVT Raptor at 2009 Dubai Motor Show. F-150 is a fight jet, in the car name SVT stands for Special Vehicle Team and Raptor is the dinosaur with a bad approach, which offers some of the nature of Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

2010 Ford F150 SVT RaptorThe car is powered with 6.2-litre 400bhp V8 engine is connected at the rear a matt blacked-out perforated grille with the Ford name proudly blazoned across it, unique to this variant of the F-150, heavy duty, off-road performance oriented external features a vented hood and hood extractors, and visible FOX Racing Shox with 340mm of travel in the rear suspension and 280mm up front. The additional benefit of F-150 Raptor is 180mm of extra width for off-road stability as well as interior comfort and exterior load space.

2010 Ford F150 SVT Raptor2010 Ford F150 SVT Raptor
The standard SUV technologies have been maintained plus AdvanceTrak with Roll Stability Control, ABS, Trailer Sway Control and Hill Descent Control. A wider track, softer suspension and 17-inch aluminium wheels allow the Raptor to glide over the most severe of terrains. It also features a full off-road mode and sport mode.

CB Radio King Rules the Air with $25,000 Of Communications Gear In A $500 Car

Thursday, December 17, 2009
Ham Radio Art Car Passenger Side
Ham Radio Art Car Driver Side
Ham Radio Art Car Driver Side Door
Ham Radio Art Car Passenger Side Door
Via Jalopnik

Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!This $500 Dodge for sale is covered with $25,000 Of Communications Gear for every conceivable band (FM/UHF/HF/VHF/SPACEMAN). It deserves a mention first because of the obsessive nature to cover ever conceivable service with multiple objects of the same genre and second because of the stunning overall visual effect it creates. The equipment covers and amazing array of technologies with a ton of handheld 144 MHz radios and capable of listening to every police/fire/ems/military channel in the world. Don't forget there is also a laptop computer that probably covers cellular or satellite communication as well. Most art cars have CB radios when traveling together in groups and this guy would be more than welcome to join our art car party, providing he help out with those of us who are CB "challenged". You my friend are the CB radio King!!!!!

Yamaha lauches super-bike YZF-R1 in India

Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer Yamaha today announced that it launches a latest new version of its super-bike YZF-R1 in India next year, and a range of other models and variants from its stable to strengthen its position in India.

Yamaha R1 BlueThe bike is little added luxurious than the existing YZF-R1, but it contain the same 998cc engine, 20 valves, liquid cooled engine generating a peak power of 175 bhp. The new bike YZF-R1 2010 will be imported from Japan as absolutely manufactured bike. The headlights are newly redesigned with LED taillight impart YZF R1 a distinctive look. Cool headlights offer large lighting and easy to drive in nights.

YZF-R1 includes a tough body that spring up in a single line from the rear axle to the pivot and then to the head pipe. This is an expression of the straight shape of the Deltabox frame. The shape produced by the side panel and the top of the tank makes an impression of center of gravity changing to front tire. This signifies how the front tire holds the road in sporty driving performance.

Besides the YZF-R1 2010, the company also plans to launch some other models and versions in India during next year. India Yamaha Motor, the Japanese company’s wholly-owned Indian subsidiary, is also aiming to raise its sales in India.

Mercedes revealing SLS AMG Gold Car in 2009 Dubai Motor Show

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Mercedes AMG is revealing new gold version of their Mercedes SLS AMG supercar in 2009 Dubai Motor Show. The colour AMG Desert Gold is currently used only for the Dubai Motor show.
Mercedes SLS AMG“The premiere of the SLS AMG in “AMG Desert Gold” at the Dubai International Motor Show is a token of respect for the Middle East. After the USA, Germany and Japan, the Gulf region is the fourth-largest market for AMG,” said in a report by Volker Mornhinweg, CEO of Mercedes-AMG.

Mercedes SLS AMGThe car comes with a 507-hp supercharged V8 under the hood for quick blasts across the sand. Other exterior details have been finished in a high-gloss black and that colour can also be found in the interior. For this car the AMG wheels in size 9.5 x 19 at the front and 11.0 x 20 at the rear have been painted black and finished with a golden ring on the rim flange.

Kepler Motors supercar in Dubai International Motor Show

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Kepler Motors revealed their MOTION supercar. The car makes its first debut at the 2009 Dubai International Motor Show shortly on December 16-20.

Kepler MotionThe Kepler Motors MOTION is powered by a customized version of Ford’s 3.5L V6 twin-turbo engine that creates 500-hp. A 250-hp electric-motor drives the front wheels of the car. The car reaches 60 mph in just under 2.5 seconds with a top speed of over 200 mph.

The car uses carbon fiber compound resources for its two-seat monocoque chassis and body. The light, strong and highly impact-resistant structure offers a two-seat cabin intended to accommodate drivers of over regular size, in a stylish, sophisticated and aerodynamically efficient design.

Kepler MotionThe MOTION uses StopTech new Continuous Carbon Ceramic AeroRotors on all four wheels to ensure smooth, fade-free stopping control. Comprising silicon carbide ceramic material reinforced with long, continuous carbon fibers, the unique C3 brake rotor material offers greater mechanical durability and unique heat transfer capabilities when compared to competitive carbon-ceramic rotors.

Kepler announced that only 50 units of the MOTION will be manufactured and the car will be sold at a premium price. Manufacture and release of car are planned to begin in 2011.

Fozzie Bear's Psychedelic Art Car

Monday, December 14, 2009
 Fozzie Bear's Studebaker Psychedelic Art Car
Make/Model: 1951 Studebaker Commander via

We got The Muppet Movie today from Netflix and it so happened that there was an art car in it. This 1951 Studebaker Commander was and old beat up hand-me-down from Fozzie’s uncle with a custom psychedelic paint job courtesy of Dr. Teeth and crew.

Moto Guzzi launched new bike Griso 8V SE

Moto Guzzi has launched the new bike Griso 8V SE is a special edition of the Italian bike maker. The bike is covered in premium leather with visible stitching, attractive spoke wheels and restrained colour-coordinated badges.
Moto Guzzi Griso 8v SEThe bike is powered by a new transverse 90° V-twin Quattrovalvole series engine developing a peak power of 110 hp at just 7500 rpm. The Griso 8V SE controls to increase torque output by 5 lb-ft to 85. . That extra power comes from revised cam profiles and fuel injectors, along with a larger airbox that helps Moto Guzzi's eight-valve Quattrovalvole breathe a bit better.

The Griso 8V SE SE controls the road with smooth control release and a commanding presence. The chassis with twin overhead tubular elements in high tensile steel and the generously sized lateral reinforcement of the lower cradle, with ribbing that is an aesthetic design to give extremely high torsional rigidity to the bike as a whole.

Moto Guzzi Griso 8v SEMoto Guzzi Griso 8v SEThe obvious aspect of Guzzi's new Griso 8V SE are the typically Italian paint colors: Tenni green or Rosso Mandello red with a blacked-out powertrain. The nicely-stitched leather seat and wire-spoked wheels round out the visual changes.

Honda revealed CB Twister 110cc bike

Friday, December 11, 2009
Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India revealed its first new 110cc bike CB Twister which is inspired from world trend CB1000R.
CB TwisterThe bike is powered by new 110 cc carburetor engine, delivering 9BHP of power, CB Twister will deliver a mileage of 70 km per litre. The new 100cc bike is targeted to customers who wish for style and performance along with basic needs of mileage and comfort in limited budget. The bike is offered in three types. They are Kick Drum Alloy, Self Drum Alloy and Self Disc Alloy with 240 mm front disc brake.

The bikes will be offered in five colors Pearl Amber Yellow, Candy Sonic Green, Pearl Nightstar Black, Pearl Siena Red and Pearl Fuji Blue. While the company has not disclosed the exact price, the new bike is expected to be tagged around Rs. 42,000.

CB TwisterThe bike is equipped with maintenance free battery and viscous air filter for more convenience. CB Twister is one of the eco friendly bike. The screenless layered front cowl, eye-catching headlight, balanced side cowl, strong fuel tank, intelligent rear with small tail, multi reflector tail lamp, short muffler and half chain case makes the bike style icon in the segment.

The CB Twister will be available to customers at the end of February 2010. The new style, unmatched performance and economy of 70 kms / litre we expect to sell 2.20 lakh units in the year 2010 -11.

2010 Dacia Duster 4x4 Unveiled

Thursday, December 10, 2009
The French car maker has unveiled new production version of Dacia Duster, the first 4x4 from Renault's auxiliary car.
Dacia DusterThe Duster will be offered in 2 and 4-wheel drive in Europe with the choice of either a 108bhp 1.6-litre 16V petrol engine or 84bhp and 104bhp 1.5 liters DCi diesels. Both diesels emit less than 140g/km with 2-wheel drive, and less than 150g/km with 4-wheel drive qualifying the model for Dacia's 'eco2' status.
Dacia Duster Rear side
The weight of the car is 1,180kg in 4x2 and 1,280kg in 4x4 and compact proportions, ensure particularly agile handling. In 4x4 version of car, unique and intuitive control located at the foot of centre console, Dacia Duster drivers easily adapt the car transmission pattern to get their desires of the moment. This control let one of three modes to be selected.

When the AUTO mode is selected, the front/rear torque split is calculated automatically as a function of available grip. This split is performed by an electromagnetic torque converter supplied by Nissan. In LOCK mode, the driver electronically locks it into 4x4 mode, whereby 50 per cent of torque is consistently fed through the rear axle. This mode is suggested in low grip roads. In 4x2 mode, the transmission is locked into two-wheel drive. This mode is suited to driving on good roads and reduces fuel consumption.

Honda announced price of VFR1200F

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Honda announced the new VFR1200F will be offered at Honda Motorcycle dealers from February 2010, with more benefits of a three year warranty and increased servicing intervals, at the attractive price of £11,475 and $15,999 US price. The VFR1200F is priced as per market conditions and customers’ expectations.

The VFR1200F comes with shiny lines and style, class of finishing, amazing V4 engine and extraordinary all-round handling, the vehicle place a new era in the development of motorcycles.

Honda’s excellence and consistency shared with low maintenance shaft drive of the VFR1200F let the vehicle to increase service gap of 8,000 miles, or annually, after the first 600 mile running in service, therefore reducing continuing repair expenses and maintenance. The VFR1200F also come with three years AA roadside assist cover.

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